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Pamela Abbott

Lecturer, Management Information Systems Subject Area

Dr Pamela Abbott is now based at the department of Information Systems and Computing, Brunel University. Homepage

Research Interests

My research interests lie broadly in the area of information systems in global contexts. I define this area as being comprised of studies related to the following major areas:

  • The social, political and economic implications of information systems use, implementation and development in developing or newly industrialising countries.
  • The socio-cultural implications of the globalisation of information technology.
  • Discourses on globalisation and the organisation of work practices such as offshore outsourcing.
  • How ICTs are implicated in our contemporary reconceptualisations of space, place and time.

These areas encompass studies of new ways of organising work, the role of ICT within such innovations and the complexities of the relationship of these themes to contemporary processes of globalisation. My work so far, has investigated the organisational innovation of offshore outsourcing and its relationship to the processes of globalisation and to our contemporary understandings of space, place and time. Areas that I would like to continue to pursue would include studies on the various socio-political discourses on offsoring in general, studies related to how ICTs disrupt our understandings of space, place and time and studies on the relationships between ICTs, globalisation and development.

Full List of Research Publications

Selected Papers

  • Carmel, E. and Abbott, P. (2007) "Why "nearshore" means that distance matters", Communications of the ACM 50(10): 40-46.
  • Abbott, P. (2007) "What do we know about distance in offshore outsourcing?", First Information Systems Workshop on Global Sourcing, Val D'Isere, France.
  • Abbott, P. Y. (2004). "Software-Export Strategies for Developing Countries: A Caribbean Perspective." Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries (EJISDC) 20(1): 1-19.
  • Abbott, P. Y. and M. R. Jones (2002). "The importance of being nearest: nearshore software outsourcing and globalisation discourse." IFIP TC8/WG 8.2 Working Conference on Global and Organizational Discourse about Information Technology, Barcelona, Spain, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD in Management Studies (2004), University of Cambridge, UK
  • MPhil in Management Studies(2000), University of Cambridge, UK
  • MMath in Computer Science (1994), University of Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA
  • BSC (Math & Computer Science) (1988), University of the West Indies, BARBADOS

Courses Taught

  • Postgraduate: (Masters of Business Studies)
    • Fundamentals of E-Business (MIS40100)
    • IT Outsourcing and Offshoring (MIS40280)
    • Research Methods in E-Business & IS (MIS40180)

Working Experience

  • Over 8 years'experience in IT field in areas such as quality assurance, IT strategy, IT support, IS management, IT training, applications support and development and operations management


  • IFIP Working Group 8.2 (member)
  • IFIP Working Group 9.4 (friend)
  • AIS (member)
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