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Reading Group May 15 2012
Nicolini et al. "Understanding the Role of Objects in Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration"
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Reading Group Aug 3rd 2005
In honour of Adrian Mullett's immanent departure for South America and the Antipodes we invited him to select the next paper for the CITO reading group. Demonstrating his usual inimical flare and penchant for the provocative he has suggested a paper titled "Relativism: The central problem for faith today." by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. "This address was given during meeting at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with the presidents of the Doctrinal Commissions of the Bishop's Conferences of Latin America held in Guadalajara, Mexico, in May 1996." (ref URL below) Six years after East Germans opened the Berlin Wall, five years after the formation of the Russian Federation, this paper expands on the then Cardinal Ratzinger's well developed thinking on moral relativism and its relationship with socialist tendencies within the Catholic Church.
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Reading Group August 10th 2006
Phenomenology, Screens, and the World: A Journey with Husserl and Heidegger into Phenomenology
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Reading Group Dec 20th 2005
"Organizing and Evaluating Interfirm Networks: A Structurationist Perspective on Network Processes and Effectiveness" by Jorg Sydow and Arnold Windeler, published in Organization Science Vol 9 No. 3 1998. Interfirm networks are considered as a kind organization and theorised using Structuration theory and praxis to analyse, explain and hypothesize about the diversity and mutability of organizational forms observed. Are interfirm networks (and strategic networks in particular) really considered as a kind of organizational form distinct from other kinds of organization? Have they reached a point at which they have achieved the status of a 'structure' in the sense of Giddens' structuration theory or is the interfirm network merely a convenient representation? For a copy of the article select the UCD Catalogue Search below for electronic resources with restricted access to the article (e.g. Business Source Premier - EBSCO will do).
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Reading Group February 13 2007
In the new year, we are continuing our quest for discovering emotions. After discussing Ciborra’s paper "The Mind or the Heart?" which was informed by Phenomenology, we will approach the topic this time with a Foucaultian perspective. In perfect harmony, we selected the following paper: MCGRATH, K. (2006) Affection not Affliction: The Role of Emotions in Information Systems and Organizational Change. Information and Organization, 16, 277-303. You get a copy of this paper from the e-library. We will gather on Tuesday 13 February at 5PM at the stairs in Quinn to trail off to the Montrose Hotel. Regards, Frank
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Reading Group Feb 14th 2006
After much to and froing, the next reading for discussion we've selected is... "Death and Furniture: the rhetoric, politics and theology of bottom line arguments against relativism" by Derek Edwards, Malcom Ashmore and Jonathan Potter. A perhaps provocative but mostly fun (and sometimes funny) presentation of common arguments against relativism and reasonable (weasel words?) arguments against the arguments. A copy of the reading can be got from Derek Edwards' home page at Loughborough University. Health Warning! On reading this article please do not feel encouraged to emulate Dr Johnson's refutation of Bishop Berkley by indulging in demonstrations of physical feats employing the person of the discussant or any of the attendees.
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Reading Group Feb 27th 2006
For our next Reading Group Frank Frößler has suggested "Genres of Organizational Communication: A Structurational Approach to Studying Communication and Media" by Joanne Yates and Wanda J. Orlikowski. Academy of Management Review 1992, 17-2. An early paper on 'formats' of human communication in organizations as settings for action and discussion of the implications of different media on the structure of these formats. We gather on Monday 27th at 12:30 (Lunch! Bring your own!) on the couches in one of the "Prof-Eamonn-Walshe-Break-Out-Spaces" here in the Quinn Building. Frank will introduce and moderate and help out if you have difficulty getting the reading. The reading can be obtained from our UCD Library access to Business Source Premier or ABI/INFORM Global see the event URL for details... P.S. This should be the ideal prelude to Wanda Orlikowski's NUDIMS seminar at 4pm later on the day "Digital Genres: Exploring PowerPoint in Organizational Discourse". See for more info. p.p.s. After discussing the reading we're invited to the Common Room for a coffee and to meet our guest.
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Reading Group, July 8th 2004
'Disconnected Capitalism: or, why employers can't keep their side of the bargain' by Paul Thompson, Work, Employment and Society, 2003, Vol 17(2): 359-378 'The big picture franchise - who has it and what do they claim?'
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Reading Group July 20th, 2004
Du Gay, P. and Salaman, G. (1992) 'The Cult[Ure] of the Customer', Journal of Management Studies, 29(5), 615-633.
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Reading Group June 3rd 2004
The second CITO reading group. Discussion of the state of IS Research. The readings are taken from the JAIS debate in December 2003 and are all available online. There were 8 people at the inaugural CITO reading group. We more or less agreed to disagree with Nicholas Carr's claim that IT doesn't matter, but had a variety of reasons for why we disagreed with him. In 90 minutes we managed to cover organisational innovation, strategy, management, org. charts, power & politics, competitive advantage and the open source movement. We decided to have another meeting next Thursday (3rd June) at 5.30pm in the Common Room. Taking our inspiration from Carr's 'fuzzy' definition of IT, we're going to discuss the state of IS Research. The readings are taken from the JAIS debate in December 2003 and are all available online: Galliers, R. D. (2003) ‘Change as Crisis or Growth? Toward a Trans- disciplinary View of Information Systems as a Field of Study: A Response to Benbasat and Zmud's Call for Returning to the IT Artifact’ Volume 4 Article 13 November, 2003 Robey, D (2003) ‘Identity, Legitimacy and the Dominant Research Paradigm: An Alternative Prescription for the IS Discipline: A Response to Benbasat and Zmud's Call for Returning to the IT Artifact’ Volume 4 Article 15 December, 2003 Regards, Anita
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